[Premium Foam] Pastel series

ที่ขัดหลัง ที่ขัดผิว สีพาสเทล

Material : NYLON 100% (Microfiber Nylon 66)

Size : 30 x 100 cm

Color : Pastel series (Blue , Orange,Purple)

Price : 230 Baht

Property :

  • The nano-fiber of nylon66 can produce rich and soft foam, thoroughly clean the skin of the whole body
  • Increase the lather of your body wash and remove dead skin cells with an exfoliating nylon towel
  • Massage the whole body to promote blood circulation and bring relaxation. It transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells
  • The nylon fabric helps to remove more dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that prevent to irritate sensitive skin and promotes healthy skin
Classic / Pastel Series (6 Colors)