About Us – Bath Lorane
  • Raw materials

  • Preparation

    Sizing machines/windoers

    We use a preparatory process to size raw materials and wrap threds around beams. At Tatsune, we handle all type of synthetic and natural materials,from nylon,polyester,rayonand acrylic to hemp and cotton. Our general-purpose warping machines can handle small-lot product as well.

  • Weaving and knitting

    waterjet/air jet machines, Raschel looms

    Pattern and thred are wound,it is sent to the looms. Petterns and textures can be customized according to the thickness and material of the thred. Jacquard or Raschel loom pattern are a great way to add value to products. We are also increasingly able to turn out extra-wide textiles in order to reliable meet large rush orders. The result is a production system that is built for each both speed and custom designs.

  • Dyeing

    Jet dyeingmachines

    Once fabrics are woven,they are dyed using our cutting-edge, high-pressure jet dyeing machines. After the threads have been washed clean, they are dyed at high temperature to ensure consistent, even color. Dyed fabrics are then sent to the dryer before being flattened in a machine called a scutcher.

  • Drying and cutting

    Tenters and cutting machines

    Fabric wet from the dyeing process are dried and then slit into thin strips as they exit the machine. They are then subjected to high heat for finishing and stretched along the direction of the waeave to create custom widths and harden their texture.

  • Cutting

  • Sewing

    Automated sewing machines

    Once fabrics have undergone heat setting, they are sewn into individual body srub towel. We've automated the length cutting, threefold sewing on each end,and name tag sewing processes, greatly improving work efficiency and allowing us to turn out up to 60,000 towels a day.

  • Packaging

    Spipment area

    Finally,items are packaged according to various brand manufacture specifications during the assembly process. We then use our distribution routes to send Tatsune products out to stores in Japan and around the world.