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At Tatusne , we use a veriety of materials to design, manufacture, and sell body scrub towels and more.

We are actively involved in developing our own products while also serving as a versatile original equipment manufacturer.

Company Office in Japan

Tatsune Co.,Ltd

1963 Founded

19689 Tatsune Orimono Ltd. establiched

1990 Reorganized as Tatsune Co., Ltd.

2010 Tatsune Estates (real estate mangement company) established

Representative : President Tomihisa Tabeta

Email : [email protected]

Website :

Representative Office in Thailand

Cpoint (Thailand) Corp.,Ltd.

24 PrimeBuilding 11Fl, Room 11A Sukhumvit21 (Asokemontree, Sukhumvit Rd, 10110

Tel : 02 665 2533

Email : xxx